Volkswagen Beetle Holds Steadfast to Consumer Popularity

1949 marked the year when the first Volkswagen Beetle crossed from Germany to America. Just a decade later in 1960 and nearly 300 thousand models were sold to U.S. households nationwide. Naturally, a model with a history rooted in such success has over time come to be known as an iconic automobile, and today it continues to maintain its popularity among consumers.

Over 60 years have passed since the Volkswagen Beetle first landed on American soil, but it remains a vehicle beloved by many. This is because it has stayed true to its origin. It is the same fun-loving model it has always been with a lively look like none other and sporty mechanics to back up its performance.

Certainly, it has evolved over the years with modern additions to both its aesthetic and internal system. For instance, it now comes with Bi-Xenon Headlights that are paired with LED Daytime Running Lights for better visibility. It even comes with a stronger 1.8L TSI engine that generates turbocharged firepower. Not to mention, it is now much smarter as well thanks to safety features like a Blind Spot Monitor and convenience features like VW Car-Net App-Connect.

However, despite these upgrades, the Volkswagen Beetle is still the Volkswagen Beetle that everyone knows and loves. You just have to find yours! So visit us at Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village to get one to take home with you today.

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