Know Your Vehicle Dashboard Warning Indicators


Vehicles have a lot of tech packed in them, and there is an expanding number of dashboard warning lights. We would like to make these icons more comfortable for you as a driver to know the meaning of the dashboard light warnings:

  • Braking Light: This indicator usually means there is a problem with the braking system. The solution to this problem is to check the brake fluid level, lest you get in an accident due to brake failure.
  • ABS Light: This indicator shows there is a problem with the ABS, which relates to the braking system. You should fix the issue before use on the highway or off-road.
  • Temperature Control: This indicator shows that the engine temperature is too high. The indicator usually means failure of the engine cooling system and may cause the car to turn off automatically.

To find solutions to your car with the warning lights on your car dashboard, you can have them checked out at our dealership.

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