This is Why Your Vehicle Needs Tire Rotation

Why do you need your tires rotated? Here are some great reasons!

When a car’s tires are rotated, the tires are switched around to evenly distribute wear on the tire tread. Tire rotations prevent tire tread from losing grip on the roadway. Rainy days, icy road conditions, and the need to brake quickly are examples of the need for dependable road grip. Get the maximized time out of those tires by rotating them. This cuts down on unbalanced tire wear and replacing tires sooner than expected.

Neglect of consistent tire rotation can cause additional brake dust on the front wheels. This dust is not only unattractive but can have negative effects on the health of those who interact with it. Momentum Volkswagen Jersey Village wants you to know the most important reasons for keeping a consistent tire rotation schedule. Depending on the weight of the vehicle, the frequency of tire rotation varies.
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