Our Online Service Scheduler Tool Saves You Time

Now is the perfect time to be at the dealership getting a seasonal maintenance check. Simply use the online service scheduling app today to make arrangements for your Volkswagen service appointment at Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village. Mechanics are on standby, ready to get your vehicle on the lift and inspected now.

Once your vehicle is up on the lift, the mechanic will carefully check to see if all the tire tread is wearing evenly or not. Tires will be rotated to alleviate the issue, or replaced once the tread has worn away too far.

The mechanic will test the battery to make certain it can handle another season under a heavy load. These car batteries today are doing more than starting the vehicle; they power the windows, doors, lights, stereo, and all those phone charging stations. Fluids will be flushed and replaced with the appropriate grade to get through another season. Bring your vehicle to our Houston auto service department today for a complete inspection before it’s too late.

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