Learn More About Your Muffler and Exhaust System

Have you ever been driving down the road behind a car emitting stinky fumes? The fumes easily find their way into your car, and you have to either pass the offender or suffer in silence. This behavior is rude to other drivers, but it's also illegal in most jurisdictions to emit excessive exhaust into the atmosphere. The fumes may be entering the offending car's passenger cabin as well, which is very dangerous.

Most jurisdictions require a motorist to submit to an annual emission test of their vehicle. The test determines if the vehicle is in compliance with government…


Alignments Are a Crucial Part of Automotive Safety

If you have experienced your car pulling off the road or into oncoming traffic, a shimmying sensation while driving or a vibration at higher speeds, the chances are good that your car is in need of a realignment.

Alignments are one of the most important ways in which you can ensure that your vehicle stays in top working order. Each year in the United States, thousands of Americans are involved in serious auto accidents that have resulted from the failure of steering components.


High Viscosity Oil Vs. Low Viscosity Oil

The type of engine oil a person uses in a vehicle may depend on how warm or cold it is in a given location. As a general rule, vehicle owners want engine oil with a lower viscosity when it is cold outside and a higher viscosity when it is warm outside.

Lower viscosity is better for colder temperatures because it tends to get thicker in colder weather. By starting at a lower viscosity, it can travel through the engine in a timely manner.


Make Time for a Suspension Repair

Vacation season is always just around the corner for Houston families, and that often means long trips in search of adventure. That said, pleasant family journeys can quickly turn testy if old suspension components transmit vibrations from each and every bump through your vehicle. If these symptoms sound familiar, it may be time for a suspension inspection at Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village.

Many types of suspension systems exist, and it takes trained professionals to recognize important manufacturing variations and the related symptoms of distress. 


Our Online Service Scheduler Tool Saves You Time

Now is the perfect time to be at the dealership getting a seasonal maintenance check. Simply use the online service scheduling app today to make arrangements for your Volkswagen service appointment at Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village. Mechanics are on standby, ready to get your vehicle on the lift and inspected now.

Once your vehicle is up on the lift, the mechanic will carefully check to see if all the tire tread is wearing evenly or not. Tires will be rotated to alleviate the issue, or replaced once the tread has worn away too far. 


Explore the Undeniable Value of Windshield Wiper Fluid

Regular windshield cleaning duties are indispensable for any and all vehicle owners. Dirty windshields can be a significant hazard on the road. If you want to be able to clean your windshields the right way, you can't simply use water. You have to depend on a high-quality windshield wiper fluid, like the kind you can find at Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village.

Water is problematic for a handful of major reasons. Windshield washer fluid, first and foremost, freezes at lower temperatures. Specialized fluid also includes detergents and solvents. 


This is Why Your Vehicle Needs Tire Rotation

Why do you need your tires rotated? Here are some great reasons!

When a car’s tires are rotated, the tires are switched around to evenly distribute wear on the tire tread. Tire rotations prevent tire tread from losing grip on the roadway. Rainy days, icy road conditions, and the need to brake quickly are examples of the need for dependable road grip. Get the maximized time out of those tires by rotating them. This cuts down on unbalanced tire wear and replacing tires sooner than expected.

Neglect of consistent tire rotation can cause additional brake dust on the front…

Know Your Vehicle Dashboard Warning Indicators


Vehicles have a lot of tech packed in them, and there is an expanding number of dashboard warning lights. We would like to make these icons more comfortable for you as a driver to know the meaning of the dashboard light warnings:

  • Braking Light: This indicator usually means there is a problem with the braking system. The solution to this problem is to check the brake fluid level, lest you get in an accident due to brake failure.
  • ABS Light: This indicator shows there is a problem with the ABS, which relates to the braking system. You should fix the…

Now Offering Service Specials to Drivers in Houston, TX.

Here at Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village, we know many Houston drivers were affected by Hurricane Harvey. As such, we want to offer our help to people like you in our community! Right now, we are offering Service Specials at our dealership's auto shop so those whose vehicles were damaged as a result of the storm can get the assistance they need for an affordable price.

Categories: Critics Name 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan "Best Compact SUV of 2017"

If you are a conscientious car buyer, then you likely take information from experts into consideration when making your decision. That is why we are pleased to announce that the 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan, which is now available at Momentum Volkswagen of Jersey Village, was named the "Best Compact SUV of 2017" by the editors of! This is yet another win for this model and speaks to its outstanding quality.


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